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in your aerospace marketing and communications with Arena Group Associates.

We bring the know HOW and know WHO to get you noticed.


Arena Group is a boutique communications agency specializing in supporting companies from the business aviation and advanced air mobility sectors. With more than 30 years of experience, and an extensive international network of associates and media, we know how to tell your story, and we know who to tell it to.

Arena supports a wide range of clients from start-ups to international corporations. Whether you want to share complex technical developments or your latest news, define and showcase your culture, or present your perspective on important issues of the day, Arena Group finds the right words and delivers them to the right internal and external audiences. The result? Media coverage, successful message delivery and an elevated profile.

We value relationships above all else, therefore Arena operates within a climate of mutual respect, trust and discretion with customers, media and associates at all times. Work with us and discover the Arena Group difference for yourself.

Jane Stanbury

President and Founder


Defining the right messages for your business, creating content that communicates those messages and delivering it to the appropriate audience.


Using our strong and long media relationships to effectively deliver your messages


Written content creation for all internal and external marketing materials


Crafting key messages and positioning them in front of the right audiences


Connecting clients to the right partners, customers and media  to showcase messaging

It takes the right team with the right talent to deliver a win. We work with a network of internationally respected associates to help our clients meet their goals.

Jane and Caroline are friends, neighbours and business associates. Caroline brings 25 years of experience to offer Arena Group clients a wide range of services from strategy to copywriting, from media relations to websites and newsletters.


Aviation is a technical world and while Arena has inherent aviation knowledge, sometimes the technical expertise of engineering experts helps demystify a topic, position a story better, and clarify a message.


What’s in a brand, well Dan and his team at Design Inc are masters of taking the big picture view and devising meaningful brands for our clients. His brands complement our words.

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 1.43_edited.png

Communications is all about conveying the right information to the appropriate audience, but unless you know what your audience wants it is meaningless. Our associates at Seefeld Group are the masters of getting to the heart of the matter.


Steve Nichols of Infotech is our space expert. A veteran journalist in print, audio and video production.

infotech logo.gif

Ann's thINK marketing & PR supports Arena with creative content, copywriting and being an imaginative, wondrous sounding board. Based in St. Louis she also supports our US activity.


Having met at ABACE 2014 Sarah and Jane instantly recognised their like-minded, kindred spirits. As much as we’d like to be every where all the time, Sarah’s company White Orchid Insights supports Arena Group with Asia specific requests and projects.


If a picture says a thousand words then the images that Ian Billinghurst generates are novels. One of aviation’s most respected photographers Billy as he is known to friends and colleagues is our go to photographer for all types of scene setting.


Billy Pix

As a professional aviation writer, and fan of Airfix models, Paul understands all elements of aviation from nose to leading edge to tail and beyond. Paul supports us by providing superbly crafted copy for a range of briefs, no matter how challenging.

Paul Eden image.jpeg

Paul Eden

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