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Having worked with Jane for around fifteen years she has become an integral member of our team. She’s supported our ambitious development plans and helped us create an international brand. We are constantly evolving and she works with her extensive network to keep them informed of our evolution, going above and beyond to ensure our brand and messages are regularly featured in leading industry publications and media outlets. She finds creative ways to keep our messaging interesting and has a great ability to adapt to changing needs, she’s dedicated, flexible, constructive and willing to take on all challenges


Jane has supported the development of our brand equity internationally. Grasping the concepts related to the satellite, connectivity, data management and cybersecurity sectors, she has been an integral part of our marketing and communications strategy and has helped to significantly expand our reach. The relationships she has helped us build with different media outlets keep the media engaged and interested in our business news. Having a single source with such a wide network of contacts has been hugely beneficial for our company – she has supported us in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas – and has been a big factor in building our brand, reputation and profile. She is certainly an asset and while an external resource, she is very much a valued part of our team.


Vertis Aviation has worked with Arena Group from the very start of our operations ten years ago and has guided our communications strategy as we have transformed through the years. While our needs and goals have changed over time, Arena Group has done a great job of handling the messaging transformations and ensuring the sector is aware of each new product, service or move we make. We couldn't recommend Arena Group enough.


Arena Group has played a significant role in the growth of our company, particularly by supporting the launch and growth of our US and international business. They used their industry knowledge to create meaningful messages that resonated with our customers, partners and the aviation sector. The team is always available to support us, provide valuable input around new ideas, and throughout our long relationship they have always been a pleasure to work with. 



Professional in every sense of the word! Arena has continuously delivered great content to us and more importantly they respects and stays within our constraints. Jane gets the work done while meeting all requirements, which makes working with her an easy-going and enjoyable experience. Her reliability, enthusiasm and consistent support is valuable to a small team like ours. Great fun too! But don't take my word for it, check out her magnificent work as Global Luxury Correspondent for Business Aviation Magazine at Jane does the same, high quality work for all her clients, who hold her in the highest regard, as do I.


Jane shows tremendous dedication to raising her customer profiles whether it be a start-up or established organization. She knows how to grasp complex concepts and communicate them effectively to the business aviation sector. Jane’s experience and time spent in the industry is a testament to her ability to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with the media, and most importantly she recognizes what internal and external stakeholders are interested in. With a smart approach and a genuine, effortless manner, she is also great fun to work with. And knows some great places in Montreal


Business aviation writer

Jane is truly passionate about her clients and the aviation industry in general. Her excitement for her work can be felt when interacting with her which makes it a simple and painless process to work with her. She understands what media need, what does and doesn’t make a story, and importantly understands deadlines which is key for us. Maintaining positive, professional and strong relationships with the media and feeding us with interesting ideas is also a key focus of hers. I always enjoy working with her


Aviation consultant, writer and broadcaster

Jane has a genuine enthusiasm for the business aviation sector and understands its place on the international landscape. Her passion for the industry is clearly visible through her work and is demonstrated by her responsiveness. She understands what media need, is always accessible, proactive, and gets ahead of trending issues. Communicating with her is effortless and she’s always prepared to deal with the unexpected, and get involved in whatever is needed. In Africa, where we’ve worked together a lot, this is a real asset. I’m always happy to work with her.




I’ve worked with Jane as a project manager on several projects and its always been a positive experience. She has the ability to stay within set constraints and stick to deadlines while still doing everything she can to maximize the project for her customer. She’s supportive, proactive and is willing to listen to new and fresh ideas. She is a highly effective partner for us and her clients.


As a marketing research and strategy consultancy, we are frequently tasked with generating a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ profile in the market, and to see how their customers perceive product offerings, services and brands. It therefore requires intimate knowledge of their industries, the relevant companies and the key people. Jane's extensive international network of business aviation contacts is a valuable resource contributing to our success in this sector. Her industry understanding helps up gather the right information and uncover valuable insights. She is always a willing and engaged partner of Seefeld Group with creative ideas and practical solutions.

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